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New Building 7 Poll | New York City

New Poll: 48% of New Yorkers Support a New 9/11 Investigation into Building 7′s Collapse

As the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks approaches quickly, a new Siena poll shows that half of New Yorkers today are in support of a new probe into the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7.

The poll shows that 1 in 3 New Yorkers were unaware of Building 7′s collapse and, despite the importance of the events of that day, only 25% have ever seen video footage of Building 7 collapsing at free fall.  Only 14% could identify the name of the skyscraper.

Moreover, the poll shows that only 49% who were aware of Building 7′s collapse believe fires brought it down.  24% believe it was a controlled demolition, and 23% are unsure.

The poll was conducted in May of 2011 and is sponsored by Remember Building 7 (a group including 9/11 family members), NYC CAN and by Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth (AE911Truth). Four 9/11 family members and four AE911Truth representatives actually feature in a historic TV ad now being seen across New York City. The people appearing in the TV ad are asking the public to learn about the collapse of Building 7 and are challenging US officials at NIST for their conclusions about the event.

Find the detailed results and watch the TV ad at


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Your Comments

  • Irene Ahl

    they all live in a dream world

  • Anonymous

    Only 1/3 of New Yorkers knew that Building 7 collapsed? Are the other 2/3 in some kind of permanent daze? Whatever you think of the story or the circumstances, for anyone old enough to have clear memories of that day, not knowing that there was a third building collapse is a sign of cluelessness. It’s not like it was a secret.

  • Chris

    Thank you A & E for 911 Truth for continuing your fight for the truth.

  • Lun456

    awaiting the next bullshit story with great anticipation …. 

  • TruthFest2011

    Join Richard Gage of at Truth Fest 2011 in Orlando, FL on Oct. 1!  See 

  • Ishmael

    George W. Bush,Dick Cheney,Donald Rumsfeld,George Tenet,Colin Powell,Condoleezza Rice,Andrew Card. These are all the main people that who involved in coordinating 9/11. Dick Cheney had the responisability of the pentagon going down because by 9:00 he went to the presidental emergency center and told the american hijackers to land the plane into the pentagon and then he pushed a button that set off the explosive bombs off under the building.  It’s been a big game and scandal for the government.  There were exsplosive devices and bombs right under building 7 and other twin tower. There was a white ball in the sky filled with exsplosive bombs that hit the first tower that the government made sure no one saw

    • Hedley Lamarr

      If this is a joke, tongue in cheek, it’s kind of funny.  If you are at all serious about one character of text you wrote…you need to ease back on the medication and get some help.

      • Shutty

        go put your head in some sand,  Id bet dollars to donuts you are religious

      • Tiffany Wilde

        the govt. relies on people like you. too stupid to question what they tell us.

  • Debbie Prince

    @9968104b5344b3d2e0c69b2ac35c4b3c:disqus I’ve actually shared some of your videos with people and they still insist it’s completely believable that WTC7 fell due to being hit by some of the debris from the towers and the resulting fires.  Some of these same people even claim to be structural engineers and tell me in a patronizing way that they don’t have 5 years to teach me the physics that would explain it (ignoring the fact that I’m an engineer myself, albeit an electrical engineer – apparently that’s why I can’t understand this amazingly simple concept).  Well it is heartening to see the number of people who are willing to question the official theory of what happened on 9/11 growing – nearly 50% in NYC!  That’s awesome!

  • Michael

    The truth about 9/11 can’t happen fast enough – I am so grateful for people like Richard Gage and all those who took the time, to look into it.  Even from Canada, I share my support, incl. financial.

  • seethroughthelies

    Didn’t know office fires could melt steel, guess they might as well make buildings out of plastic, Thankyou $800B a year NORAD for not saving the day “on that day”.

  • ed

    Bush knocked down the towers!

  • Fran

    Also can’t read. With iPhone. White box covering text. :(

  • Samer El Maalouli

    The collapse was proof enough. It wasn’t hit by a thing and it was out of the way of everything but it still collapsed because of fires? Such bullshit.

  • Oeo

     You are all absolutely wonderful.
    Thank you.

  • DavidChandler

    Probably the other 52% never heard of Building 7.

  • Lockdown


    • Admin

      It should not, what browser / os are you using?

      • Weeks510

        Same for me. Droid froyo.

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